Saturday, September 6, 2014

Announcing a Pregnancy Early (& The TWW)

Two nights ago, I got on Facebook and instantly saw a picture of Derick and Jill Dillard. I rolled my eyes and prepared to scroll past it, as I see their picture every day. Someone is always sharing something about their pregnancy, and of course it annoys me. However, as I was scrolling past, I saw the words "unique take on announcing a pregnancy early" (article here). Eh, what the heck. I decided to read it, since I have announced both of my pregnancies early, and have reasons why.

I don't dislike the Duggar family. I have no reason to. But I do envy their fertility. I told my husband as soon as Jill got married that she would be pregnant immediately, but I thought maybe it would take two or three months. Of course, she got pregnant literally right after the wedding. But most of all, she's also due in March. I should have been due in March. So naturally, I've been avoiding any and all articles on the Duggar/Dillard family.

But this article was great. It's exactly what I have been trying to tell people. I am not going to stop talking about my baby. I want to celebrate my child. I have no shame. I carried a life, and that sweet, beautiful life ended. There is absolutely no reason that women should get to that magical 12-week mark to talk about something so precious. There is absolutely no reason we should keep our happiness to ourselves to make other people comfortable. Of course, everyone has a different preference, and some people don't want to tell right away. That's totally fine. As for me, I don't want to pretend to be happy around a bunch of people, because I am an incredibly emotional person. If I cry, someone is going to ask why. If I look sad, someone is going to ask why. I'm not going to lie about that.

So, what else is going on in my life? Well, my BBT (basal body temperature) did end up rising a small amount yesterday, and it rose a bit more today, so I'm officially 2dpo (2 days past ovulation) which is awesome. This means I can finally start preparing for an embryo to (hopefully) implant into my uterus! Yay!

(In case you didn't notice, I'll probably be a *bit* TMI on this blog. Be prepared for that if you keep checking back in).

Things I do in the TWW (two-week-wait):
1) ALWAYS wear socks. Cold feet means a cold uterus, and embryos like warmth.
2) Lots of warm beverages and soups. More warmth.
3) Heating pad (kind you heat up in the microwave). Sometimes I put this on my lower back (which is especially good, because I have bad lower back pain lately), on my abdomen (when it isn't super hot), or on my feet.
4) Yoga pants. I have to keep my legs warm, too.
5) Blankets. If I'm sitting down, I have a blanket at least partially on me.
6) Walk. This is especially important from 4dpo on, because it keeps blood flowing to the uterus, which is good.
7) I try not to drink things ice cold. I do sometimes, but I try my best to only drink room temperature beverages 90% of the time. I absolutely love ice cold water, but I've been leaving bottles out on the counter and drinking them room temperature. It sucks, but if it helps me, then that's all that matters.

I'm seriously excited that I ovulated on cd15 this month! I have never ovulated that early. The earliest I have ever ovulated was on cd17, but it is usually closer to cd20, and last cycle it was cd25, so I'm literally over the moon. My main goal is to be pregnant this month, but having a shorter cycle will also be great. I'm pretty sure the early ovulation was due to soy isoflavones, which can either make you ovulate sooner or later. When I took them with Audrey, it made me ovulate later, so I was pleasantly shocked this time around.

Symptoms: Nothing except painful ovary twinges (thank you soy) and slightly sore breasts. That is also weird, because I used to have them every month while TTC Audrey, but not at all this time around while trying. I did have them after I got pregnant with Sunny, but not during the TWW. Maybe that is a sign that my progesterone is higher due to the soy. That means I'll definitely have my progesterone levels checked as soon as I get pregnant again, whether it is this month or another one. 

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