Thursday, September 4, 2014


Just a few hours after the last post, I took another OPK and it was almost positive. This shocked me, because I've never gotten a positive OPK that early. I started taking them earlier this cycle because of the SI (soy isoflavones, I'm getting tired of typing that) and the miscarriage.

On cd13 I had a positive OPK, and then yesterday, cd14, I had another positive OPK, and some of the worst ovulation pains I've ever had. But...when I woke up this morning, my temperature still hadn't risen yet, which means I didn't ovulate, and my OPK was lighter and negative, meaning I'm coming down from my surge. I could still ovulate today because anything is possible, but most likely, my body geared up to release an egg and didn't do it.

So, in other words, unless a miracle happens, I have to wait to ovulate, and who knows how long that will be! Thank goodness I order my cheapies in bulk from eBay. I've got tons left, so I'll just keep testing. I'm not going to lie though, I'm already really sick of the follicular phase. I am sick of grapefruit juice, sick of evening primrose oil, sick of everything. The luteal phase is much more fun. I get to eat lots of soup, use a heating pad, and examine my chart to see if my chart goes triphasic...

I also need to go out today or tomorrow and buy another tube of PreSeed, because I "wasted" it thinking I was going to ovulate. That stuff isn't cheap, either.

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