Thursday, November 13, 2014

HCG Results

This cycle, I wasn't keeping track of ovulation very well, which was part of my "relaxation" tactic. Someone pointed out to me that all three cycles I've ever had that I temped this way, I got pregnant. Kind of a funny coincidence! Based on my cervix, cervical mucus, and the couple of temperatures that I actually took, it looks like I ovulated on cd17 or cd18, which made Monday 10-11dpo.

Monday, my HCG was 43 at 3:30pm.

I just went back yesterday, Wednesday (11-12dpo), 48 hours later at 3:30pm, and my HCG was: 187!!!!

It more than quadrupled, which is excellent. I put in that picture on the other post that I'm due July 23rd, but I may actually be due on the 24th. I'll know for sure at my first ultrasound.

We scheduled our first appointment for December 2nd, I'll be almost 7 weeks. The nurse mentioned something about hearing a heartbeat, which makes me wonder if we will have an ultrasound. It seems kind of early (I was expecting one around 8-9 weeks), but I can't see them attempting to use a doppler that early.

We also decided that we will announce on Thanksgiving night. I always said I would announce early, and I did before, so I'll do it again. I don't have any shame with a miscarriage, however, I am still scared of it happening again. The one thing that really weirds me out is that if I am really due on July 24th like I think I am, I will be 5 weeks 6 days when we announce our pregnancy, which is what I was when we lost Sunny. It is going to be a really hard time to announce. I am so nervous that we will announce, and then something will happen immediately after.

This pregnancy is different so far...I don't really have the AF cramps everyone talks about (I had them with Audrey, I've felt a few seconds of them with this pregnancy but that is it), but I have some weird little twinges. I don't know if I want to call them twinges, zings, stretching feelings, or what. I feel them on both sides of my uterus. I also gagged yesterday at Audrey's stinky diaper and felt a few queasy moments today - like "almost" nausea. So I am hoping (yeah...I know, haha) that I will be sick soon. It will be miserable, but it will be a wonderful miserable.

My breasts are sore, but nowhere near as sore as they were with Audrey (however with her, they were always really sore as soon as ovulation occurred). They also seem to fluctuate in soreness. This frustrates me as well, because this was one of the signs that I knew I was losing Sunny. They got less sore a few days before the bleeding started. :( The nurse said my progesterone looked good, but didn't mention a number.

However, worrying won't help me any. So I will sit back and enjoy this pregnancy...

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