Monday, November 10, 2014

We're pregnant again!'s time to share the news.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, PLEASE do not say anything yet. We want to wait to share on Thanksgiving.

I am so excited, and while I'm nervous that my numbers don't be doubling, or that I will miscarry, I have a better feeling about this pregnancy than I did the last (so far). To say I'm shocked would be a bit of an understatement. DH and I sat in a Jacuzzi for 10-15 minutes about a week and a half before ovulation. It was pretty hot and I figured we ruined our chances. God decided that it was time, though. I spent all of Friday (8dpo) bawling. Jist crying my eyes out. I was so emotional over not getting pregnant, and every time I thought about my miscarriage, I would cry. I even posted a whiny Facebook status (I know...). I tested with a First Response and that is what triggered the sadness. I swore I saw a line at first (after the ccontrol was developing) but then it went away. I took the test apart and saw a line but you aren't supposed to do that. 

Saturday, I kept my FMU for a few hours until my cheapies came in. I was shocked to see a line! My FRER have been giving me extremely faint lines while everything else has a decent line, so I must have gotten a bad batch or something.

10dpo FMU with FRER, then 11DPO fmu with Answer. Supposedly FRER is more sensitive than Answer...hmm. By this time with Audrey and Sunny, my FRER was much darker...but my cheapies look the exact same as with them, so...FRER has some issues right bow! I got a positive digital with that top FRER! Crazy.

So right now I am waiting on a call from my OB nurse to do some bloodwork and set up my first appointment.

Ah, nerves!

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