Monday, December 1, 2014


I am late on writing this...we've had lots of things going on, Thanksgiving festivities and the birth of our niece being the main two.

I am still pregnant! I miscarried Sunny at 5w6d and I have hit 6w3d. I am a lot more relaxed this time around, but I have still had some worries. I still don't have morning sickness, and I have minimal cramping/stretching feelings. Those were the two things that made me realize that my pregnancy with Sunny wasn't viable.

I guess some would say I *do* have morning sickness if they have never had it. If I do, it's extremely mild. I'd say for a small portion of the day, my stomach feels a tiny bit unsettled and weird. I have never felt nauseous as if I was about to be sick. I did run to the toilet twice, but one was because of a particularly disgusting diaper that had me gagging, and the other was because of some weird, overwhelming feeling to run to the toilet and an odd sensation...but it was not nausea. This all started at 4w6d. Skipped 5w0d and started again. I have felt a bit uncomfortable at times, not wanting to get out of my chair, do chores, walk around etc because it aggravates the feeling. I also sometimes feel a tad sick first thing upon waking, but it goes away quickly without eating. I'd say 80% of my "nausea" I get AFTER eating.

I really don't know what to think. Feeling a little weird makes me feel positive because it is SOMETHING...maybe I am pregnant with a boy? With Audrey I was just horribly sick by now. My breasts are still really sore. I had some stretching sensations during week three, and maybe a couple of days into week four. I had some cramps the night of 4w2d, and a few more cramps in the past week, but just really quick ones. Not really much at all going on.

Our first appointment is tomorrow, and while the nurse mentioned wanting me at almost 7 weeks to hear a heartbeat, the receptionist said I didn't have an ultrasound scheduled when I called to inquire. It is too early to attempt a doppler, so I have no idea why the nurse mentioned that. I assume they will schedule an ultrasound tomorrow. I think tomorrow will be a pap smear, possibly a check to see if my uterus is enlarged (hope it is), and me getting a huge bag full if pamphlets, magazines, info sheets, etc.

All I know is that I really just want to see/hear or even just hear the heartbeat. I would feel so much better!

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