Monday, February 16, 2015

Preparing for my Rainbow

This entry will just be a quick update. No interesting info here.

I went Friday to get blood work done. They ordered a recurrent pregnancy loss panel, cd3 blood work (I was cd4 which is still fine), and a few more tests including TSH and a glucose test as part of a test to see if I have PCOS. They told me I could call back today to find out afew of the results (most of them will take 2+ weeks), but unfortunately, we had a "snow day" here, so the office was closed. I'll edit this tomorrow with any blood work results they can give me. They took 13 vials. I do pretty good with getting blood drawn though. I've had it done so many times in the past year it's like nothing.

I am on cd7 today, and I took soy isoflavones at night starting on cd4 so I will do cd4-8. It really wouldn't surprise me if my blood work shows some sort of issue with LH and FSH, whether it shows PCOS or just maybe some kind of egg issue, I don't know. But if so, then I may be prescribed clomid which I would prefer over soy. Either way, I took soy with Audrey and she is the only full-term pregnancy I have had, so I'm using it as much as I need to. It just isn't great for your thyroid, so I am attempting a med bump and supplementing it with selenium and vitamin d - also looking into a zinc or magnesium supplement.

Basically we are on track for another pregnancy, I'm doing everything I can to make this next one work out and I am hoping so much that it does. I really am not sure if I can handle another loss...however the only way I can keep my mind off of my angels is to pour my heart and soul into readying my body for another. I'm also "dieting". I gained 8 pounds with Hope, I'm down 4 so far but I am going to keep losing until we get pregnant. I am 142 right now and ideally I would like to be between 125-135. I'm aiming for 125 if I don't achieve pregnancy by summer. I have been eating healthier for the most part and exercising. Jogging makes me feel so good! Listening to music while jogging frees my mind and the burn afterwards makes me feel great.

Come on, rainbow! We are ready for you!

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