Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A bit of hope.

I called another OB last Friday and I got an appointment!

I am excited, to say the least. However, I know it is very likely that I will be told the same thing by him. It is worth a try, though. My appointment is April 7th, so if I have my 11 day luteal phase I will be on cycle day 24. If I ovulate normally around cd18, I will be about 6dpo. So if he agrees to the lovenox, it will come just in time!

I am 7dpo today. My temps are still a bit low this cycle, most likely due to cold weather and it being post-d&c. I really doubt I will be pregnant this cycle. As much as I would love to be, I am kind of scared. Okay, really scared. However, it would be great to be pregnant next month (assuming we will still be on the same insurance) because we will save a lot of money since we have met our deductible. Assuming it is a healthy pregnancy. It would also be good because I will have had a month to get my homocysteine levels down even a bit. However, I would have to have gotten really lucky to get pregnant on the second try. I will take what I can get. It isn't in my hands.

My due date with Sunny, my first angel, is this Friday. I'm sure I will be a mess...bit I am hoping that somehow it isn't as bad as I am expecting it to be. It is definitely sad. I really hoped I would be pregnant on this day, so that it would make it less painful. Now, of course, there will be even more pain since we have lost another baby and we know now it could have probably been prevented if somehow I had known about my MTHFR defect.

Oh! Also - on my old labs, I saw that they checked my progesterone level at 7dpo...which was just a few days before my bfp with my living child, Audrey. It was 7. Which is low. I'm not sure how I had her. But I am glad we are adding progesterone suppositories next time.

❤ Until next time!

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