Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Always get copies of your labs, ladies...

Yesterday, I went to get a copy of my lab work. I have never done that before, but with so many things on the test, I felt like I needed to. I also just really felt like I needed to look at it myself.

I am pretty angry. I really like my doctor, but I am not very happy with them at the moment and am seriously considering switching out of their office completely. He is actually the third doctor I have used in that office. The first one I used for a gynecologist, but he was going to stop delivering babies starting three months before I was due, so I had to switch out.. The second one was sweet but super busy. I had an issue in my one full-term pregnancy and they basically just let me hurt because they were too busy to call me back and I almost ended up in L&D. Then that doctor also rushed my c-section (I still feel it was very unnecessary, as do my mother and MIL, who both have medical experience), and then blew off my PPD. That is when I switched to the doctor I am using now.

They're all in the same office, and this office is extremely busy, and I am honestly sick of it. I know if you're someone with super easy pregnancies with no issues, they would be fine. But I will be honest - I feel like a number. The only doctor that always got back to me immediately was my gynecologist. He always called me back himself, never had his nurse do it. He thoroughly explained lab results, spent time asking me questions and listening to my answers, etc.

So anyway, I got my lab results yesterday. Everything on there except for one thing was as they said, negative, which is really good. However:

1) The lab work has all of my information at the top, and one of the things it includes is when it was entered into the system both times - with what to test for, and the results. Apparently, my results were received at 5pm on February 19th. I never got a phone call. Instead, they made me wait an entire week until *I* called them. That makes me feel like I'm not important to them. They would have been calling any pregnant woman immediately with the results of their blood work. Plus, I had told the nurse when she ordered my blood work that I only had a few synthroid pills left, and needed a refill. Instead of ordering it through our local lab which would have results the next day, she sent it out knowing it would take a week. I called her on the 16th and found that out (she told me it would probably be another week), so she knew I was needing it. Yet she made me wait another week after they received it. Very unprofessional.

2) The only thing "wrong" with me. High homocysteine levels, right? Wrong. My homocysteine levels were not even checked. However, they did test me for MTHFR. I have been assuming that I have this, and they hinted that I did on the phone, but didn't come out and say it. I am homozygous MTHFR C677T. Which is one of the worst combos to have, apparently. It means I am at risk for blood clots during pregnancy. Why didn't they just tell me what I have? Also, on the note, it says I am at a higher risk for recurrent pregnancy loss, yet my nurse told me that my OB "doesn't feel like it causes miscarriages". The note also says to check my fasting homocysteine levels to see if I need a blood thinner or not. This was never mentioned to me, as they told me they were high. So they are just assuming I have high levels instead of doing the appropriate blood work to find out, which is pure laziness. I'm also not really happy, because they didn't mention a blood thinner on the phone, I just assumed I would be on one with this, but now after hearing this and putting 2 and 2 together, I'm pretty positive he will say he doesn't believe in it. I'll be finding that out for sure.

Basically, I am already feeling like I need to switch out of that office entirely and into an office that actually has time to take care of me and my babies. I'm not one of those people who is totally cool with having multiple miscarriages before she tries certain things out (that are already thought to be necessary with their issues). Who is? Everyone suffering from RPL wants a healthy baby. Why can't doctors actually do research and not lie to their patients? What is wrong with actually doing your job correctly?

Livid! To make matters worse, if I had known I had this specific form of MTHFR, I would not have been TTC this cycle. I would have waited at least one more month for all of the supplements to start building up. However, I am on cd23 today, and it looks as if I ovulated yesterday. We babydanced the two days prior to that. Just in case I didn't, we aren't babydancing anymore.

I had three days of positive OPK, and it turned negative today. My chart is hard to read because my temps are ALL over the place, but I will know tomorrow I guess. I still don't know whether to forgive my doctor and just call and tell them what's up, then see about lovenox, or just start "interviewing" other doctors. I really don't know.


  1. I think it's time to start looking elsewhere. MTHFR is serious, especially if you are homozygous. You shouldn't be doing all the work and it sounds like you are.

    1. I actually called them yesterday and asked about a blood thinner, and the response was exactly as I expected. I was told no, and apparently he doesn't EVER prescribe them. She said he will "allow" a baby aspirin, and that the only time he considers lovenox is if the patient has Factor V Leiden or some other clotting disorder (she named it specifically but my mind is blanking right now). I also called another office and neither OB can take me. One, who actually takes many high risk patients, is booked through October, and the other isn't taking GYN, which I am considered right now. However she said I can call back and make an appointment when I'm pregnant again...not sure that helps me since I'd need lovenox right away.

  2. I am so sorry that you are having such an awful experience at your doctors. I had a horrendous time when we were pregnant last spring when the doctor's office wouldn't say why they believed I wouldn't have a "take home baby," just that she didn't believe that I would. It was infuriating. Unfortunately they are the only clinic in town so I had to go back to them - I was just really specific about who I would talk to and the questions I asked. It is infuriating. I hope you find a wonderful doctor.

    1. That is horrible. I would hate to stay with that doctor - but I am almost in the same boat about having no choice in a doctor! I've had no luck so far :( I'm about to make another post about that...

  3. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's the nurses or the doctors who are making your experience at a clinic a bad one, but based on what you shared, I think you need to find a new doctor.