Thursday, March 5, 2015

No luck so far...

Yesterday, I called another OB office (I had two names constantly recommended to me in a Facebook post I made) and inquired about a consultation. They just happened to be in the same office. The receptionist was awesome! The office I am currently with is so busy that no receptionist has ever spent any more time on the phone with me than necessary. It is rush, rush, rush, all the time. "Please hold" etc. This receptionist actually talked to me and even told me to tell her what was going on to see if she had any idea of how to help me. Unfortunately, she didn't, but she did say she couldn't believe my doctor wasn't even looking into it for me.

She also told me that Doctor #1, the OB who apparently deals with a lot of high risk patients, is completely booked through October with OB patients. Even if he could get me in for GYN, I couldn't use him as a doctor. Doctor #2 was also highly recommended, but he isn't taking GYN patients, only OB, so she told me I could call back as soon as I got a BFP. Sigh. I didn't think of this until a few minutes ago, but part of me considered asking if I could get in to see Doctor #1 for my yearly in two months, and then bring this up and see if he can speak to Doctor #2 for me. But then again, he may not even agree with the correct treatment either, although I think he is my best bet. However, this office has a) a sweet receptionist, b) awesome nurses, and c) an online charting system that I can use to view labs and leave messages to my nurse and doctor.

I also had a Doctor #3 to call, however I had some mixed reviews on him. He closed early yesterday due to inclement weather and is also closed today, so I will have to try tomorrow. I have a friend that really likes him, but agrees that he isn't very personable. She did say he is intelligent, focused, and super kind, and that his nurse is super sweet as well and answers messages quickly. However, the person who told me that has never had any issues with miscarriage or any other pregnancy complications. The person who made me nervous has had two losses and used him for one of them, and she said he was very blunt and made her even more upset. I really don't want a lot of sympathy, but if I have another miscarriage, I don't want someone to make me hurt even more. I'm not sure about this guy, but I am willing to meet him and see. I just worry, because a lot of times doctors will act one way and then later on act another.

Lastly, I called my nurse. I hate talking to her. She wasn't rude this time, just rushed (as always). She was at home yesterday since my OB does surgeries on Wednesday's. She told me that my OB doesn't ever prescribe a blood thinner, and if he does, it is only baby aspirin. She kind of hinted that he has maybe prescribed lovenox before, but made it apparent that it wasn't in my situation. I'm just not isn't hard to read two paragraphs on my lab work about my condition and gather that something further should be done. She did agree to checking my homocysteine levels (which are what need to be checked to see if I need the blood thinner), but told me to wait until I got pregnant. That doesn't make any sense. Also, what does it matter, if they won't prescribe a blood thinner even if it shows I need one? It just doesn't make any sense at all.

I'm going to try Doctor #3, and then go from there. I'm really worried that I won't be able to find a doctor who will manage this appropriately and that I will be "winging" the next pregnancy. I only hope that baby aspirin and progesterone will be enough in addition to my new supplements. Baby aspirin didn't help me last time, but maybe folate/b vitamins and progesterone will?

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