Thursday, May 28, 2015

OAR Results

Finally, they're in! They're really not bad, a couple of the numbers are a little bit off. A couple of people have tried explaining them to me, and I was told I probably have poor ovarian reserve or poor egg quality, which is very disappointing, obviously. I'm only 24! But I'm going to take all of that with a grain of salt, because neither person was a doctor. I did do some research myself, of course, and since my AMH is a good number, I'm leaning more towards egg quality, which I had a bad feeling about a year ago.

On to the results:

AMH: 3.09 ng/ml
Egg Retrieval Score: 14
Estradiol: 33.5 pg/mL
FSH: 8.04 mIU/ml
Inhibin B: 76.9 pg/ml
LH: 3.89 mIU/ml

Lab Values:
AMH: Satisfactory (0.7-3.5)
Egg Retrieval Score: Good (20 is a perfect score)
Estradiol: Normal (ND to 84)
FSH: 3.0-13.4
Inhibin B: Satisfactory (64+)
LH: 1.1-11.6

So really, it seems like the only issues are that my LH and FSH aren't closer. They're supposed to be very close together, a ratio of around 1:1. My FSH is high for my age, too. I've been told that 5 is where an RE wants to see it. My FSH in February was 8.8. :/

I of course stole a look at someone else's report that she uploaded, and I am almost in the middle for infertile women my age. A lot of them were around 16-19.

I see my RE next Wednesday for a follow-up appointment. I actually sent my nurse a message through the patient portal a few days ago, too. My husband and I were talking and we decided that we have already found a few issues to focus on for the next pregnancy, so we just want to do that for now instead of going ahead with the genetic karyotyping. The nurse said that was fine! So next week I will bring my RPL labs. I'll allow my RE to do a few more tests to check for other blood clotting disorders if he feels it is necessary, just to make sure we don't need to add heparin on top of the baby aspirin. Other than that, I'm hoping we get scheduled for a treatment cycle next month. I'm also 1dpo, so I'll let myself test next Saturday, 10dpo, at the earliest. I have my First Signal all ready in the drawer.

Ignore the graph, I couldn't get it to delete for some reason.

Element Name

Data Value

Ovarian Assessment Report Antimullerian Hormone Value3.09ng/ml
Ovarian Assessment Report Egg Retreival Score Index Value14Calculated
Ovarian Assessment Report Estradiol Value33.5pg/mL
Ovarian Assessment Report Follicle Stimulating Hormone Value8.04mIU/ml
Ovarian Assessment Report Inhibin B Value76.9pg/ml
Ovarian Assessment Report Luteinizing Hormone Value3.89mIU/ml


  1. Do you take ubiquinol, fish oil or Vitamin D? These are all great supplements for egg quality. I'm pretty much the same diagnosis as you. Assumed egg quality issues. There is no test for egg quality besides during an IVF cycle and the embryolgist giving his opinion.

    1. I'm not sure you have it to where you are notified if I reply, but I have been on vitamin d since January (also took it for two months last year between losses), fish oil for a month, and have never taken ubiquinol. I've also heard that coq10 is good for egg quality, but the amount you'd have to take a day, for at least three months, makes the price outrageous. I also may just have a weak ovulation, which my RE knows about, so I'm hoping we can start clomid or femara next cycle.

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  3. ubiquinol is just the purer version of COQ10. Its even more expensive but you take 1/2 the dosage. The least expensive I have found for this dosage per month is the Ubiquinol from Trader Joes 60 count for 19.99 which works out to like $30 a month. Still expensive! My RE had suggested Clomid in the beginning for Super Ovulation! Fingers crossed it does the trick for you.