Wednesday, August 19, 2015

3 days past ovulation.

So far, this clomid is doing what it needs to be doing!

My temperature instantly shot up to as high as it ever gets during the TWW, and it usually takes me 6-8 days to get there. That means clomid raised my progesterone levels, which also makes me think I really did have a strong ovulation and a good egg. I am super excited for this! I knew it was just what my body needed. I also started using Progessence Plus yesterday. I feel like it has really calmed me down and helped with my mood swings, but we will see after a few more days of use!

However, I already have doubts that this will be "the cycle". I have *only* gotten pregnant on cycles where we tried the day before ovulation. We tried three days in a row, then skipped a day, because I thought that was ovulation day. Turns out, it was the day before ovulation. So we did O-4, O-3, & O-2. I don't know what my husband's sperm count/motility etc is like. I can only assume it is at least okay since he has gotten me pregnant 3-4 times, and I have him on many vitamins to help with that just in case. I still definitely have a chance this cycle, so I just need to hope that everything with him is working the way it is supposed to and that everything else (luck, if such a thing exists) is on our side this month. If not, then next month we will be back to every other day. But I hate every other day, because I never know if it is the right every other day! Some studies say you have more of a chance of getting pregnant two days before ovulation, while some studies say it is the day before, and yet others say they are about the same. So I don't know.

I just need to think positively, as surely, surely, surely there were some swimmers up there waiting still. Right? :)

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