Monday, August 3, 2015

Bring it on!

Guess what!?

This lady finally started clomid today! I have been waiting for this moment for ages. It may not work, but I have complete faith that it will (positivity!). I almost didn't get it, because when he came in and we started talking about it, he went into a similar spiel as other doctors have when I bring up anything about ttc. In thirty seconds I was already feeling helpless as he just told us to keep trying since it has only been since January that we have been trying this time around. I get that, but I'm seriously just feeling so down since in reality we have been trying much longer than that. Luckily, he actually asked me questions instead of cutting me off like other doctors do. We talked about my lack of fertile cervical mucus and my cycles, and after hearing I sometimes have longer cycles, he decided that I may not always ovulate, and that clomid might be a good option for me.
I actually have always thought that I ovulate every single month. I just don't think that I ovulate very strongly. However, after looking back now, I think there is one cycle since the d&c that I didn't ovulate on. My temperatures that cycle were very erratic. It never showed ovulation for me - I thought that I ovulated anyway since I had some high temperatures, but every high temperature was met with a lower one, below coverline. I also am having a VERY light period this cycle, which is odd for me, especially since the d&c. I don't know what that is about. I didn't chart this cycle or last, though, and I didn't take opk's this month. I did get EWCM for once though.
Anyway, I am taking it cd3-7 and we are doing a progesterone draw on cd21, which will be a Tuesday. I probably won't be 7dpo then, but oh well. Unless my body just acts crazy, I should have at least ovulated by then. I ordered some Progessence Plus to take as well to help my progesterone, but I'm going to wait to take it until after my progesterone check just so I can have some sort of idea what is going on there. I've only had two progesterone checks, one the cycle I was pregnant with Audrey on 7dpo (it was 7.6) and one the cycle I was pregnant with Hope, when my period was due (I never asked what it was because I was kind of scared to know). So this will be interesting. Clomid may also help my progesterone levels, which could help me get and stay pregnant as well.
So there you have it. I'm super excited for this cycle, and I sure hope it all works out. We are so ready for this rainbow baby (or babies). Bring it on!