Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January news :)

Things have been going great around here!

I will be 25 weeks in two days, and I am feeling wonderful! A lot has happened in the past five weeks. We hired a doula, we've had a big talk with my OB, and we have a date set for our "baby sprinkle". It all feels so real finally!

Our doula seems amazing so far. I inquired about a few, but when I came across her profile, I just had a feeling that she was "the one". I looked up her blog and I saw that she has experienced pregnancy loss, and had some of the same feelings that I did in her pregnancy after loss. I really felt, and still feel, like I need someone who has been there. We met with her for the initial consult, and my husband liked her just as much as I did. We have quite a few other things in common as well, so I really think she will be a good fit for us.

My first OB, the one who delivered Audrey, was supposed to be the most "natural" in the area. I should have known better when I hit 39 weeks and he started talking c-section just because she hadn't dropped yet. He did "let" me go to 41 weeks before he induced me, but pushed that c-section really quick. My new OB told me he has no problems waiting until 42 weeks for any patient, VBAC or not, as long as there are no issues like dangerously high blood pressure or something else. He also said that instead of scheduling a repeat cesarean if I haven't went into labor, he will try safe ways to induce me. I'm so happy!

Our baby shower (or sprinkle) is going to be March 13th. I'll be just over 32 weeks!

In other news, Bubbie (baby's name, because he is nameless as of now) has finally flipped head down for now. I'm sure he will play around some more before he flips for good, but he has been breech for weeks now. Audrey has also learned how to write the letter "A". :) I'm so proud of her!!!

I'm so excited to start on Bubbie's nursery soon! We are going with a rustic theme. It's going to be perfect.

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