Monday, March 28, 2016

Pregnancy Update

Holy cow!

I've been meaning to update this, but life has been seriously crazy lately. Audrey had a stomach virus in February (which was our least busy month and when I should have updated last). In March, our nephew was born three weeks early and spent ten days in the NICU (he's okay!). Our sweet cat, Copper, also passed away that day, which has been terrible. We got her right after we got married in 2011 and she was my first little baby. We also had a labor scare (more on that later), our baby shower, and Audrey's birthday party, and then the day after she had her party, she started getting sick. She's been sick all week and is finally better. It was scary, she ended up in the ER with a fever of 104.9, and we could barely keep her awake at all. She was almost admitted for extra blood work, a chest x-ray, and an IV due to being dehydrated and them not knowing what was wrong with her. Her flu swab was negative, and she didn't have strep or an ear infection. Thank goodness she is okay now. It was not fun, I've never seen her that miserable. She didn't even want to get up, she just wanted to lay down and sleep. Anyone who knows her, knows she does NOT nap!

 We've also been working on potty training, but it's not going so well since we've been so busy and she's been sick twice. Poor baby. She did really good until she got the stomach virus, and then she did great during the day until she got sick this last time. Now she freaks out anytime she has to use the potty because she got dehydrated and they were trying to make her pee in a hat for a urine sample and it scared her.

As for the update on baby boy, he seems to be doing great in there! At about 31 and a half weeks, we had a little labor scare. I had contractions 3 minutes apart for three hours. Only a few of them hurt, I felt mostly pressure down low. Right when I was about to call labor and delivery (it was midnight ish), they started fizzling out. I would have called sooner, but I get Braxton Hicks ALL the time. I have with both kiddos since about 16 weeks. I definitely found it odd this time though that I could time them. Luckily, everything has been great since then!

We still do not have a name for the little guy, sadly. However, his nursery is starting to come along. We've painted his room, and we have the glider in there. We also have his changing table/dresser. Today I washed all of his blankets, bibs, burp cloths, socks, washcloths, and newborn to 3 months clothes and got it all put up. We still have a lot to do though!

It's getting late, but I'll put a few pictures up :)


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  1. So sorry to hear about all the craziness in life. So glad that Audrey is feeling better and that your nephew is doing okay. Sorry to hear that Copper passed. Lucy was just 3m old when we had to put our cat down; it was awful. EEK! So grateful that the contractions stopped. That boy needs to stay grounded for a little bit yet. Maybe he was giving you notice that he wants a name :)