TTC Timeline

July 2011: Got married and quit BCP

November 2011: Started "not trying, not preventing" (NTNP)

January 2012: Started "actively trying to conceive" (ATTC)

May 2012: Chemical pregnancy (faint lines and period came one day late based on luteal phase). I don't normally count this in my losses, however my RE "counts" chemical pregnancies.

June 2012: Went for yearly check-up and to have thyroid tested. OB wanted to do a few tests on me because he thought I should be pregnant by now. Progesterone was low, prolactin was high, and TSH was high.

July 2012: BFP

March 2013: Audrey born

January 2014: Quit BCP, began charting again. Nothing happens.

April 2014: Started ATTC w/PreSeed. BFN until June.

June 2014: BFP

July 2014: Spontaneous miscarriage at 6 weeks, start TTC immediately after bleeding ends. BFN until November.

November 2014: BFP

December 2014: Found out at 11 weeks on New Year's Eve that baby passed away.

January 2015: D&C at 12 weeks, accidentally try due to oopsie on DH's end. BFN.

February 2015: RPL testing. MTHFR C677T homozygous found. FSH 8.8. BFN.

March 2015: First EDD {Sunny} BFN

April 2015: Switched OB-GYNs, appointment with MFM, BFN

May 2015: First RE appointment, more testing. Everything fine except FSH being 8.0, still high for my age, but lower. BFN

June 2015: Denied genetic karyotyping (if it came back "positive" the treatment is the same, keep trying and hope for the best, since we cannot afford the real treatment (IVF with PGD). We were told to try on our own until we decide to do the genetic karyotyping. BFN

July 2015: Second EDD {Hope}. OB appointment re-scheduled 10 minutes before I arrive, insurance runs out. BFN

August 2015: New insurance. OB appointment, he helps us! HALLELUJAH! - Clomid cycle 1 BFP!!!!

September 2015: Ultrasound at 6.5 weeks and 8w4d, both show a baby with a heartbeat.

October 2015: We heard the heartbeat on our home doppler at 10w1d. 

November 2015: IT'S A BOY!!!!

January 2016: Will be 2 years since quitting birth control.

May 2016: JACE IS BORN!!!!

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